The Grail Message

The book “In the Light of Truth – The Grail Message” by Abd- ru-shin reveals the Truth, which makes possible for us to purely recognize the real, undistorted Will of God for the third time, the first time it was through the Ten Commandments of Moses and the second time through Jesus. This book is an inexhaustible source of knowledge and contains a consistent picture about the nature of the world and its natural laws which disclose for the reader the hidden connections in the life of the human being and lead directly to the knowledge of God and His Will. The book gives clear and logical answers to basic questions of life and guides the reader to the real life and to the possibility of developing his personality, based on the knowledge. The author reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the human being, points to the hidden shortcomings, but also to the ways how to fix the mistakes of the past and embark on a luminous path of Good that leads in the frame of the Divine Laws to the spiritual ascent and to the longed-for Paradise. Through his intuition, the reader can discover his harmony with the given matter-of-fact and logical conclusions, which aren’t any religious dogma, even though they are related to topics that pertain to the knowledge of God. The explanations of the Trinity of God and the disclosure of the nature of the Holy Spirit are a breakthrough step that clarifies the concepts known from the Christian teaching. The author clarifies the issues of reincarnation and Karma, Grace, the fall into sin and the hereditary sin, the Last Judgment and other topics.

The author didn’t want to bring another religion or found another sect or a religious company, he simply gives the knowledge which he draws from himself, and it may be that it sometimes coincides with the truths already brought by the messengers of the past. The book “In the Light of Truth – The Grail Message” shows a clear way just like the original teaching of Jesus Christ and this way can lead the human being to his spiritual maturity. The book is beyond any religious and philosophical literature.

The lectures that were written between the years 1923 and 1931, which logically follow one after another, were arranged into one consistent work and they were published in this closed work in 1931 as the book “In the Light of Truth – The Grail Message”. Other lectures that follow after and extend the closed 1931 book were published in the book “Echoes to The Grail Message I.”

Abd-ru-shin planned to write 9 books. But because of failure of calledones and his intervention under gestapo he rearanged his lectures to Three Volume “green” edition of last hand. This new last hand edition was published after his death in 1949.