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In The Light of Truth - The Grail Message

The book "In The Light of Truth - The Grail Message" from Abdrushin is revealed Truth which from third time from Moses and later Jesus Christ uncover clear genuine undistorted God's Will. The book is inexhaustible worldview source containing a comprehensive picture about the essence of the world and his natural laws which reader can discover in hidden connections in life of human and which lead to knowing the God and His Will. The book give clear and logical answers for basic life questions and leads reader to true life and to possibility of presonal development on basis of knowledge. Author reveals strong and weak sides of human, makes points on hidden defects but also on possibilities how correct the mistakes of past and enter on light path of good which lead in frames of God's laws to spiritual rise till to desired goal in Paradise. With feeling can reader discover compliance with given real and logical conclusions which are not religious dogma although they are touch topics related with discovering of The God. Authors made explanations about Divine Trinity and revelations about Holy Spirit which are breaking step which finally explains the terms known from christian teaching. Author explains questions of reincarnation and karma, what is destiny and free will, mission of Son of God and Son of Man, what is Grail, what is blessing, downfall to sin and original sin, what is Last Judgment and other topics

Author did not wanted bring no other religion or establish a sect or religious society, he simply give a knowledge which he drew from himself while is not excluded that he compliance with Truth which already brought harbingers in past. The book "In The Light of Truth - The Grail Message" describe simple path like as original teachings of Jesus Christ and which can lead human to spiritual maturity. The book goes beyond the frame of religious and philosophical literature.

Lectures which were created in years 1923 to 1931 and which are logically interlinked were arranged to comprehensive original work and in this closed work were published in 1931 year as book "In The Light of Truth - The Grail Message". Next lectures which freely follow and extends this closed work from 1931 were published in the book "Resonances to the Grail Message".