Obrazok Gral Encyklopedia Plus

Life of Abdrushin

Abdrushin with civil name Oskar Ernst Bernhardt was born on 18. april at two o'clock at afternoon in 1875 year at Bischofswerda at Dresden(Saxony). Already as small boy he interested in religion and spiritual questions. On the advice of his mother he completed business oriented education and three year business school which he with certainty studied and completed in 1892, it has also english in its curriculum. Oskar Ernst Bernhardt originaly intended to study at university and to be cleric person but after completion business education he establish business enterprise at Dresden in 1897.

In 10. jul 1897 he married with Susanne Auguste Marth whom he had two childrens, son Herbert, who died in first word war, and daughter Edith. After problems in business, after 1900 year he undertook several trips to abroad to Near East and to India and impressions from them processed in novels and dramas. He udertook trip to USA to New York and after first word war begining he was during trips in England internee and to the end of the war held in captivity at the Man isle. In these years he recognized inner hardship of many people and wake up in him desire to help.

After release from internee bond he come back to Dresden in 1919. He understood that his marriage was mistake and he divorce. At the begining he was literary active but after that he realized his mission that he has to bring to mankind Word of God and act as God's Envoy. From 1923 he start write and publish first lectures of Grail Message in Grail Letters (Gralsbl├Ątter). Early after issue of Grail Letters first called discovered who had to closly cooperate with him and help in earthly and spiritual work of Abdrushin and on building of Thousand years Empire on Earth. Called had to be 144 000. In 1924 he moved to High Bavaria and in this year he married again with widow Maria Freyer who was also intended on help in spiritual work of Abdrushin. Mrs. Maria had two daughters and one son from previous marriage. One of daughter, Irmingard was spiritual part of couple Abdrushin-Maria and together they create Trigon Abdrushin-Maria-Irmingard. In 1928 family of Abdrushin settled on Vomperberg in Tyrol (Austria). In this period there was complete connection with spiritual heights and in Oskar Ernst Bernhardt rose Son of Man - Imanuel, which was promised by Jesus for time of Last Judgment as last rescue. On Vomperberg in 1931 he finished his main work "In The Light of Truth - Grail Message". In 1936 it was clear that all called will not come to Abdrushin and that they failed. With this the building of Thousand years Empire and earthly action of Abdrushin was received in unpredictable development.

When in 1938 was Austria occupied with fascist Germany, the majority of called and sealed left him and his property in Tyrol was expropriated and him self could not remain there. His last years he lived after supervision of gestapo in Kipsdorf (Krusne Mountains). After big suffering when mankind not received power of Light from earthly incarnation of Imanuel-Abdrushin, Abdrushin died on 6. december 1941. After the war allies returned property on Vomperberg to family Bernhardt and there was build Abdrushin's tombstone.